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A Genuine Psychic Experience with Sheila Thomas

Psychic Sheila Thomas is widely known to amaze clients with detailed readings about themselves.  She does healing work with people stuck in old patterns and helps with relationship issues.

When you get your first reading from Sheila, she just starts writing and does not ask you a thing about yourself, except for your name.  She then just takes off with her amazing gift.

People marvel at her detailed information from souls who have crossed over.  Jaws literally drop when Sheila brings through family and friends by name and takes on specific mannerisms or relays a saying that would only be recognizable to you from your father, mother, sister, brother or child.

Sheila wows her clients with the ability to not only predict things that will happen in the future, but can help you clear on-going issues.  She even helped one business save close to $1 million with her insight.

As a child, Sheila was telepathic and began having premonitions at age 12.  When she was 16, her grandmother died in her arms and would later be her first visitation.  Her Aunt Winnie was her first channel.

In addition to providing psychic readings to individuals, Sheila has also helped the police to find missing children by using her psychic gifts.  Over the years, she has developed Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

In 1992, Sheila was visited by Angels and this changed her life.  She was told that her life’s purpose was to serve others by using her psychic gifts. She will inspire you and help you connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides.  Her readings also open many people up to their own gifts.

Having a psychic reading with Sheila can be a fun, energetic and healing experience.  If she is moved, she may break out her guitar and sing a song.  And don’t be surprised if you hear knocks or see apparitions while you have a reading at her home.

Additionally, Sheila has astounding psychic readings over the phone if you are not available in person.  Complete the information below to tell Sheila you would like a reading!

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  1. Hi Sheila

    Looking forward to tomorrow. There will be three of us. Cory and I will come at 1:30 and Taylor will arrive shortly thereafter

  2. Hello Sheila, my name is Danielle Rafanan and my mom just told me her story of running into you in Hawaii. She told me that you brought up my grandpa and it brought tears to my eyes. In the middle of the night I have been waking up at three in the morning randomly, this was also the time you told my mom was a significant number related to him. My grandpa and I were very very close. He has inspired my to do anything and everything in my life and I miss him like crazy. After hearing what you told my mom Denise I want to speak with you or at least tell you thank you for what you told her already. You and your gift is truly a blessing and I cannot be thankful enough for it.

  3. You met my sister n law in Hawaii (Denise Rafanan), she was telling me about how cool you are.So I was checking out your web site

  4. Hi Sheila,
    I was referred to you by a friend in the area.
    I would be interested in a psychic reading sometime.
    Please contact me at your convenience.


  5. Sheila,
    it was so nice meeting you today at Zen Salon! I look forward to seeing you for a reading…hopefully, later this month.

    Thanks again for the conversation.

  6. Please provide me with information and cost associated with having some time with you preferably in person but possibly by phone. Thank you

  7. I wd. like to schedule a phone reading w. you. My friend Irene Hanson highly recommended you.

    Pls. send info on how to get phone reading.


    ML Swartz

  8. 2nd or 3rd request for reading. Did I miss something else I shd. do for contacting? Pls. advise. Thanks.

    Mary Lou Swartz

  9. Hi Sheila,

    We have a reading scheduled for tomorrow, and I do have active paypal acct, so how do I pay in advance ?

    Pls. advise.


    Mary Lou Swartz

  10. Hi Sheila. I got your last text, but your home phone is disconnected and I didn’t want to keep texting since you are out of minutes. Could my sister and I come tomorrow to meet you? Should I come alone and explain first why I wan to go with her? My sister needs guidance and I would like to help her. Please let me know? Thanks. -Lina 408-309-7884.

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